Endorsed by afPE!

Mighty Maths, a classroom-based programme in which the combined aim is to improve both physical activity and maths fluency in primary school-aged children, is delighted to announce its endorsement by the Association for Physical Education.


Created by The Education Office and Aspire Sports, Mighty Maths is an evidence-based programme developed by teachers, for teachers, in which short & fun bursts of physical activity are followed by five-minute targeted maths practice sessions. Studies have shown that it is proven to raise attainment in maths.

Speaking of his close historic relationship with afPE, Paul Griffiths, co-founder of Aspire Sports said: 

We’ve been impressed by the work of afPE going back many years. Observing at close hand how they’re respected by so many in our sector for the varied work they do in raising the standards and profile of PE and physical activity, it seemed like a natural relationship to pursue.

Adrian Lenagan, co-founder of The Education Office said:

“We’re obviously delighted with this endorsement from such a highly regarded source of subject-specific expertise. More than anything it’s a badge of trust, which is so important these days.

Commenting on why afPE have chosen to endorse Mighty Maths, Chief Executive Sue Wilkinson MBE said:

Schools must, as ever, choose to allocate their budgets as wisely as possible; whether that’s primary PE & Sport Premium or Pupil Premium money. But what’s even more important is the capacity to demonstrate the impact of those spending choices. Mighty Maths fulfils on both of those - and so we’re really excited about it!

Pilot projects across the UK saw improvements in maths fluency across both KS1 and KS2 maths learning objectives. Previously lower attaining pupils showed the greatest gains, closing the gap with their counterparts by showing increases on average of 163.2%.

However, attainment increases weren’t reserved exclusively for those ability ranges; middle and higher ability pupils showed average improvements of 46.4% and 11.8% respectively.

James Cannon, Maths Leader at Birmingham’s Colebourne Primary School is a big fan:

The difference this has made in maths across the whole school has been phenomenal - and it’s been so much fun too!

Annual subscriptions to Mighty Maths range from £495-£695 dependent on school size. To try it for free click here.

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