What do families think of Mighty Maths?

You may know by now that Mighty Maths uses the concept of physically active learning to keep learners engaged, motivated and happy to learn. The combination of active workouts with a follow-up of age-related arithmetic questions and immediate feedback just works.

Many families have been using our Mighty Maths home platform since lockdown began.They’ve had access to 20 videos and arithmetic content (that refreshes every 20 days!), including content for different age groups if they have more than one keen learner. So, we thought it would be a good idea to get their feedback on how they’ve been finding it. This is what we’ve found out.


According to parents, Mighty Maths is:

·      “Easy to use” Nikki

·      “Gives structure and routine” Kate

·      “The cost is accessible, can’t recommend it highly enough” Ian

According to children, Mighty Maths is:

·      “Good fitness,” Molly (age 9)

·      “Switches[my] brain on,” Eva (age 6)

·      “I get my maths questions right” Eva (age 6)


As well as combining fun and exercise with number knowledge, the 15-minute sessions (when used daily) reinforce concepts in children’s core maths skills so that over time their confidence and subject knowledge improves.

When working from home and looking after your children, a routine can help everyone feel more settled and secure in their new working environment. And Mighty Maths can easily slot into that routine.

This online tool can be accessed from different devices and you can log in at a time that suits you and your family. If a 10am workout and maths session suits you, go for it. If you prefer an afternoon workout to give you a boost, do that instead.

With clear instructions from the online instructor and immediate feedback on the questions, you can even give children an element of independence over their learning, or if you would like to work together to go over arithmetic concepts, this works too.

Mighty Maths has been endorsed by the Association for P.E who say that, “When children are active we know they learn better, it [Mighty Maths] has shown significant improvements on children’s progress and attainment.”

If you would like to see for yourself the effects of physical activity on children’s learning, why not try it today?

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