What is the Mighty Maths homeschool platform?

We’d ask how you’re finding it, but we’re guessing, from personal experience, exhausting and overwhelming are pretty high on the list. So, we wanted to give you a helping (virtual) hand.

How? With a learning programme that’s designed to be used at home, mapped to the national curriculum and great fun for your children. We call it, the Mighty Maths homeschool platform.

What is Mighty Maths?

Mighty Maths is a fun, engaging and motivating programme underpinned by the concept of “physically active learning”, tailored to year groups 1 - 6.

Sessions start with a 5 minute burst of physical activity, followed by 5 focused maths questions to build your children’s core maths skills, enabling you to establish more routine and invite variety into homeschooling.

Why physical activity? Because it enhances academic achievement, improves focus and can do wonders for wellbeing.

What is our homeschool platform?

With our homeschool platform, you can access 20 physical activity videos and maths challenges. 20 days after you sign up your content will be refreshed, meaning your children can take on different challenges every day. This way, your children stay engaged and learning each day.

And this learning can continue all the way up until the end of August as signing up gives you access to the platform until the end of the academic year.

Using the platform is easy; simply login, choose a workout and press play. After being guided through the physical activities, your child gets to take on the maths challenges tailored to their year group. Answers are available instantly to facilitate learning, sustain momentum and keep that motivation going.

How can Mighty Maths benefit you and your children?

Our Mighty Maths programme can be accessed from home via the online platform. Simply choose a time of day that suits you, log in and get going.

Rest assured that it has been developed by teachers and used in primary schools nationally with children of all abilities benefitting from an improvement in their core arithmetic skills. In fact, Mighty Maths resulted in 93.2% of children achieving higher scores in their maths.

What about cost?

Right now, you can get all of this for just £5, saving you £55. But you’ll have to be quick as the offer expires at midnight on 22nd May!

£1 from every sign up goes to NHS Charities Together to support the incredible work of our wonderful NHS.

You can give Mighty Maths a go first for free, if you’re more of a try before you buy sort. This gives you free access to limited videos and challenges for 24 hours.

Ready to make Mighty Maths a part of your homeschooling routine? Sign up and start today!